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Fresh Chestnut

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Originally from China, one of the first famous fruits to be eaten in China, our Fresh Chestnut will produce a smoother consistency and sweeter flavor when fried. The most iconic way to roast it is over a fire or in the oven and slathered with butter, it will give you that super sweet flavor so popular. The fact is that you can also choose to eat our chestnut raw, which contains about 74% water, also helps with weight management as it improves metabolism and enhances digestion. In addition, it can be eaten not only raw and cooked, but also processed into foods such as canned chestnut chicken, chestnut soup, chocolate, milk powder, chestnut preserves, and various pastry fillings to bring a rich and nutritious and delicious eating experience to your life.


Although our Fresh Chestnut is a nut, it is also known as the "fresh fruit" of nuts, and it is nutritious and high in water, so it has a lot of vitality. Nuts generally do not contain vitamin C, but it provides a considerable amount of nutrition, containing high levels of vitamin C, which plays a role in immune health and also helps fight infections. However, precisely because it contains a lot of water, it requires high storage conditions and is prone to water loss, sprouting and decay if stored improperly. Therefore, generally during storage, the temperature inside the sack should not exceed 20°C. When the sack is too stuffy or humid, you should immediately take cooling measures, such as stacking and dumping, and ventilating the sack.

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