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Fresh Garlic Will Be On The Market In 2023
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In 2023, fresh garlic began to go on the market, and now the garlic market is turbulent. After the price of cold storage garlic has rapidly risen to a high point of around 4.13 yuan/jin, the number of profit-making storage companies has gradually increased, and the price of the origin has quickly retreated to within 3.60 yuan/jin. At the same time, the quantity of fresh garlic sold outside the warehouse has also increased rapidly. This year, how to harvest new garlic has become a highly anticipated topic in the industry.

This year, the plot has yellow leaves, with more withered leaves, and the planting density is not as thick as last year.

Garlic farmers stated that their size is not as big as last year. Last year, the fields were filled with large garlic, and this year, they dug up 5.5cm and 6.0cm garlic, with very few garlic growing up to 7.0cm. I feel that the yield this year is 300 to 400 kilograms per acre less than last year.

Overall, the yield of early maturing fresh garlic in Jinxiang production area has decreased compared to last year. The yield per unit area of different plots has decreased by 200-400 kilograms, and some plots are accompanied by mixed diseases such as root rot, rust, and leaf blight due to climate reasons. The specific reduction in unit yield needs to be compared with the database

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