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Fresh Red Garlic

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As we all know, long-term consumption of garlic is beneficial to human health, because it is nutritious, has good therapeutic and medicinal value, and it is rich in protein, fat and minerals. And the name of our Fresh Red Garlic comes from the pink or purple pigmentation of its clove skin, which is suitable for various cooking methods and has charming aroma and flavor. In addition, it has uniform bulb size and good storage life, and is easy to grow in different climates. It is not only easy to plant and store, but also has a rich, full-bodied taste, but it will not overwhelm the taste like some other more full-bodied garlic.


Our Fresh Red Garlic adds a rich, aromatic flavor to vegetables, grilled meats and game with a complex and unique flavor so it stands out in dishes without overpowering the flavors of other ingredients. It has a milder flavor than traditional garlic, somewhere between the classic garlic and onion flavors. To use it you can chop or slice it and add it to grilled or smoked foods or salads, or include it in other different dishes such as pasta, soups or pizza.

Our Advantages

1. We can offer you high quality garlic with competitive factory price.

2. Professional sales team with more than 10 years export experience.

3. Our garlic has passed many international certifications, and any reasonable request can be negotiated.

Each advice from our customers gets our higher attention. We punctually inform our customer each step done here after the order confirmed. More importantly, services after goods arrival also draw our attention which enabled us to have long-term business relations.

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