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Hardneck Garlic

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As the hardneck garlic plant matures, it sends out a flowering stem and this edible stem is called scapes. Before flowering, this garlic should be removed from the plant for cooking. Like using shallots, many people find it more flavorful than soft-neck garlic, with an asparagus-like texture and mild garlic aroma when cooked, which makes them perfect for roasting or eating raw. And usually, it is best suited for cold climates and harsh winter growing conditions and must undergo a period of cold weather or vernalization to really mature.


Our Hardneck Garlic will tolerate overwintering and perform well even in harsh climates, and it is best to keep it in a cool place after you receive it. It has a pungent and stimulating taste and is also used as a medicine, making it a popular food. Compared to regular garlic, it has a stronger, more complex flavor that reflects well the soil and climate of the region where it is grown. It is also easy to peel, as the skin is very smooth and slips off easily to expose the cloves inside, thus reducing your effort and time in handling it when using it for cooking.


1. It often has more complex flavor characteristics than soft neck garlic, and has a larger average clove size.

2. Because of its plump, regular shape and thicker skin, it is easier to peel.

3. It is more nutritious and can be processed into garlic powder and used as garlic seasoning in many processed foods.

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