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How To Store Garlic
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Hanging method: After the garlic is dried, the garlic heads that are mechanically damaged, rotted or shrunken are removed and braided after selection. Put it in a temporary drying shed, cold room or ventilated storage between summer and autumn, and avoid moisture and freezing in winter. You can also string the fake stems of garlic with iron wire and hang them in a ventilated and heat-preserving place to allow the garlic to dry naturally.

Cellaring method: Choose a plot with high terrain, dry, thick soil, and low groundwater level to dig cellars. Ventilation ducts are installed in the cellar, and during the cellar period, regular inspections are required to remove the rotten or spoiled garlic at any time. This method uses the low temperature, low humidity and other conditions of the pit to make garlic have a stable storage environment.

Cold storage storage method: pre-cool the garlic before entering the warehouse. When the body temperature of the garlic is close to 0℃, it can be stored in the warehouse. When storing, place the garlic heads on a shelf for ventilation. The main point is to control the temperature in the warehouse in time after entering the warehouse to keep the warehouse temperature uniform. According to different packaging and stacking methods, the storage temperature can be controlled between -1 and 3°C.

Radiation storage method: This method is suitable for factory storage. Radiation preservation of food mainly uses gamma rays generated from cobalt-60. Irradiating garlic with gamma rays generated by cobalt-60 can not only resist germination, but also sterilize insects. The dose of cobalt-60 is 2.85~5.16 coulombs/kg. Generally, it can be stored for about half a year, the loss is obviously reduced, and the storage efficiency is very good.

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